AquaCut is a high-precision CNC cutting machine designed for processing of a wide variety of materials including those that cannot be subject to thermal or mechanical stresses. Pure water or abrasive cutting can be applied to metal, stone, marble, armoured glass, ceramics, plastics, wood, corrugated cardboard, foamed material as well as sandwich materials. The machine can be equipped with a 5-axis waterjet rotator and also combined with plasma or drilling and tapping units.

Technical parameters

Working length3000 - 18000 mm 
Working width1500 - 4000 mm 
Max. number of tool stations4
Max. thickness of material cut by plasmaaccording to a plasma source 
Max. thickness of material cut by waterjet200
Bevel cuttingyes (see accessories)
Pipe cuttinginquire individually
TappingM3 - M12
Positioning speed max 56 m/min
Bidirectional repeatability0.05 mm/m
Please note: The table above shows typical parameters. If you have different requirements, please contact us. All our solutions are tailor-made to customers' needs.

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  • Plasma Rotator
  • Auto-calibration of Tool Geometry
  • Additional Beveling Process
  • Waterjet Straight Tool Station
  • Waterjet Rotator
  • Waterjet Multi-tool Station
  • Plasma Tool Station for Waterjet Machines
  • Sludge Removal Conveyor
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