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MicroStep’s inhouse developed control system iMSNC® is one of the most advanced control systems in CNC cutting machinery. The system provides easy, user friendly and thus reliable operation of CNC cut ...

AsperWin Basic

MicroStep CAM software AsperWin® is the result of 15 years of intense development and continuous customer driven improvement in the area of software applications for CNC machinery. It unifies the prac ...

AsperWin Nesting

AsperWin automatic nesting module enables effective creation of nests with a big number of different cut parts to achieve best possible utilization of material with minimum waste. The module uses seve ...

AsperWin Bevel

AsperWin bevel cutting module is dedicated for machines equipped with a rotator tool station which enables movement in 5 axes: X, Y, Z, A (rotation 800°) and B (tilting of torch 50°). The module suppo ...

AsperWin MultiTorch

The multi-torch cutting module allows to perform simultaneous cuts with several torches with possibility of parallel, tapered and also non-parallel tapered cutting (in case of long trapeziums).


Software module „AirSelect” for ductwork manufacturers enables fast and comfortable design of HVAC components. The extensive library contains adjustable shapes of a variety of commonly used parts in t ...

MPM - MicroStep Production Management

MicroStep Production Management (MPM) provides computer-aided process planning (CAPP) features for automation of the workflow on CNC machine(s) or production lines. It is an integrated system of order ...


mCAM is a software package designed for advanced automated 3D manufacturing of parts and assemblies from 3D shapes (pipes, profiles, domes, elbows,..) as well as flat sheet. Cutting plans for single e ...

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