Plasma Rotator

5-axis plasma head with infinitive rotation enables bevel cutting of sheets, pipes and profiles with tilting up to 52°. Torch height control for constant angle is provided via plasma arc voltage and for long variable bevels via incremental sensors.

Technical parameters

Degrees of freedom4 (Y, Z, A and B axes) + X on the machine
Max. thickness of materialaccording to a plasma source
Torch inclination range (A)± 52° (including bevel corrections)
Torch rotation range (B)unlimited
Total stroke (Z)400 mm
Angular velocitymax. 130°/s (A and B axes)
Positioning speed in Zmax. 6 m/min
Precision of cuttingISO 9013:2002 - tolerance class 2

Please note: Some parameters (e.g. Max. thickness of material, Total stroke etc.) vary with the machine type the tool station is installed upon.

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