Auto-calibration of Tool Geometry

The in-house developed automatic calibration system for geometry of the cutting tool – ACTG – is designed to eliminate mechanical inaccuracies in the setting of the cutting head and thereby to increase accuracy of bevel cutting by the rotators and 3D tilting heads. The compensation is based on superposition of appropriate correction movements to X, Y, and Z motion axes.
Inaccuracy of a bevel head is identified by means of a fully automated calibration procedure using the machine calibration station. The calibration station is an independent device installed within the movement range of a machine. The station has three measuring axes.
The auto calibration system is universally applicable for calibration of all instruments equipped on the cutting machine. Apart from rotator and 3D head calibration, it will also serve for detection of a drilling tool’s offset from a plasma head and for calibration of the length of a drilling tool. It can also be used for calibration of the ABP (additional beveling process) scanner.

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