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Plasma 50° Rotator

5-axis plasma head with infinitive rotation enables bevel cutting of sheets, pipes and profiles with tilting up to 50°.

Plasma 90° Rotator

A special design with a tilt range of up to 90° is especially useful for cutting domes and steel beams/profiles.

Auto-calibration of Tool Geometry

The in-house developed automatic calibration system for geometry of the cutting tool – ACTG – is designed to eliminate mechanical inaccuracies in the setting of the cutting head and thereby to increase accuracy of bevel cutting by the plasma rotator.

Inkjet Writer

Inkjet writer tool station carries an inkjet writer device. Apart from Y and Z axes, the tool station has a rotary axis for turning orifices of the device around the Z axis, thus enabling marking of lines with different thicknesses and texts of different sizes.


he MicroPunch marking unit is intended for fast and simple marking of parts with different surfaces (tubes, planar parts) and material. The surface can be finished or unfinished.

CCD Camera

This camera can be used for two applications: Template scanning or Synchronization with pre-drilled holes.

Automatic Plate Alignment

The Automatic Plate Alignment is a feature of the control system that enables automatic setting of a program starting point and detecting rotation of the plate.

Additional Beveling Process

Additional beveling process (ABP) is used for creating Y or K cuts in thicker plates. This process works with a special dedicated scanner (ABP scanner).

Oxyfuel Triple Bevel Tool Station

This tool station for oxyfuel bevel cutting with continuous rotation allows contour bevel cutting with no cable "un-wrap" cycle required. It enables cutting of K-, V- and Y-cuts in one go.

Oxyfuel Multi-torch Tool Station

This tool station with a fork-type torch is intended for cutting stripes with oxyfuel torches in the width range of 70 – 150 mm. It is equipped with an anti-collision protection system and igniter for ...

Waterjet Rotator

5-axis waterjet head with 600° rotation enables bevel cutting with tilting up to 50°.

Waterjet Multi-tool Station

This tool station with up to 4 cutting nozzles is designed for simultaneous cutting of identical parts with waterjet technology.

Plasma Tilting Tool Station

Tilting tool station enables automatic setting of the torch's tilt for bevel cutting with plasma in the longitudinal direction (X axis).

Profile Scanner

This scanner has been specifically designed for scanning of profiles / steel beams for identification of profile edges' real position.

Laser 3D Tilting Tool Station

The 3D tilting head is designed for cutting of precise parts with bevel – possible bevel types are V, Y, K and X. All laser sources offered by MicroStep can be used with the tilting head. With a 6 kW ...

Rotary Pipe Positioner RSV 500-1000

RSV is dedicated for clamping and turning of pipes and profiles. Together with plasma rotator and advanced software modules and libraries from MicroStep it offers the full range of pipe based applicat ...

Laser Marker

The laser marking head is capable of marking text, linear and 2D barcodes and lines by burning them into the top layer of marked material.

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