Oxyfuel Triple Bevel Tool Station

This tool station for oxyfuel bevel cutting with continuous rotation allows contour bevel cutting with no cable "un-wrap" cycle required. It enables cutting of K-, V- and Y-cuts in one go. Electro-mechanical contact height sensing ensure accurate bevel cuts.

Technical parameters

Degrees of freedom 3 (Y, Z and B) + X on the machine
+ 2 drives for each side torch bevel adjustment (A)
Torch inclination range for bevel cutting (A)20° - 50°
Torch rotation range (B)  unlimited
Min. recommended thickness of material 30 mm
Max. thickness of material (only middle torch) 150 mm
Standard thickness range for K-cuts 30 - 80 mm
Tangential offset between torches 0 - 35 mm
Range for cutting stripes (side torches vertical) 70 - 150 mm from the middle torch

Please note: Some parameters (e.g. Max. thickness of material, Total stroke etc.) vary with the machine type the tool station is installed upon.

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