EuroBLECH 2022: Well worth the wait

EuroBLECH made a spectacular comeback after an enforced break since 2020. 1,300 companies from 39 countries flocked to Hanover, Germany eager to show what they have been working on and 36 thousand unique visitors from all over the world came to see what is new. Looking was not the only thing they were after, of course. According to EuroBLECH Press Office, almost half of the visitors to EuroBLECH 2022 came with the explicit intention to invest. In the words of Evelyn Warwick, Exhibition Director of EuroBLECH: “This year’s edition was both special and hugely important for the whole sheet metal working industry. Judged by the exhibition space itself, you can tell that we came pretty close to the record numbers in 2018.” In the light of current economic and geo-political situation, that is a great success in itself.

MicroStep decided to celebrate its 10th attendance at EuroBLECH by showing an unprecedented extent of technologies and machines. On our booths, all four cutting technologies on offer could be observed live: plasma, oxyfuel, laser and waterjet. The latter even came in the form of a substantially redesigned machine series – WaterCut, demonstrating bevel cutting capabilities of a brand-new waterjet bevel head. Across the aisle, the fiber laser all-rounder MSF Pro confirmed our place in the laser cutting sector, opening its cabin doors to curious groups between its bevel cutting sessions. Lastly, the MG, MicroStep’s tried and tested plasma and oxyfuel flagship put to use its own set of tools: a world-class plasma rotator with auto-calibration station and a built-in 3D laser scanner for profiles scanning and ABP technology; an oxyfuel rotator demonstrating additional oxyfuel beveling on thick parts; a powerful 26 kW drill with automatic tool magazine; a pipe positioner and two marking tool stations that complimented MG’s cutting technology – one for micro-percussion marking and one for laser marking.

As usual, MicroStep’s presence was felt outside our stand. This year, a MasterCut Compact with a tilting head helped to demonstrate the plasma cutting capabilities at our partner Kjellberg Finsterwalde and a fiber laser machine MSF Compact made appearance at the booth of Industry Fusion Foundation, an organization that develops open-source Smart Factory solutions with focus on EaaS services that utilize also MicroStep machinery.

With many developments and new features accrued over the past two years, MicroStep had a lot of news to share. Besides machine developments, we were excited to reveal our upcoming digital ecosystem CyberFab that will be shaping the MicroStep user experience not only in actual machine operation but also in the digital worlds of automated production planning and machine-to-machine communication – and that already in the near future. “We are proud to present the new generation of our in-house developed control system – CyberFab Control – that rests on three innovation pillars: a new, streamlined and intelligent user interface, a super dynamic motion control and an extensive set of digital functionalities“, explained MicroStep’s managing director Eva Stejskalova in front of the new control system GUI at one of the exhibited machines. “Apart from native support for material handling systems and automatic production lines, the new digital features enable seamless integration of MicroStep machines into Smart Factory solutions.”

Albeit our operators did not give the machines any rest throughout the whole week, the noise of live cutting was almost overshadowed at times by the buzz of excited voices. Visitors meant serious business and they liked what they saw. “From managing director to workshop manager, everyone was enthusiastic about the range of our presented solutions. On just a few square meters, they experienced how modern systems can enrich their production. A successful exhibition appearance after the break,” reflected Johannes Ried, the managing director of MicroStep Europa GmbH, MicroStep’s German base. All in all, EuroBLECH 2022 was a long time coming but it was well worth the wait.

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