Plasma 90° Rotator

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A special design with a tilt range of up to 90° is especially useful for cutting domes and steel beams/profiles. With this rotator it is possible to cut at any point of a dome as well as to trim its edge. It is also possible to trim ends of steel profiles and make various cuts in their webs and flanges. The variable bevel cutting feature provides a constant welding volume along the contour for robot welding.

Technical parameters

Degrees of freedom4 (Y, Z, A and B axes) + X on the machine
Max. thickness of materialacording to a plasma source
Torch inclination range (A)+120°  -90°
Torch rotation range (B)unlimited
Max. bevel angle52°(plasma), 65°(oxyfuel)
Total stroke (Z)up to 1600 mm
Angular velocitymax. 130°/s (A and B axes)
Positioning speed in Zmax. 6 m/min
Precision of cuttingISO 9013:2002 - tolerance class 2

Please note: Some parameters (e.g. Max. thickness of material, Total stroke etc.) vary with the machine type the tool station is installed upon.

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