Fiber laser solutions

Thanks to the use of optical fiber for laser beam transmission, great possibilities emerge in the field of laser cutting. The flexible beam guide not only allows building large-scale machines several tens of meters long, it also allows a much simpler construction of bevel cutting heads, easier integration of additional technologies such as drilling, tapping, marking, additional beveling (ABP) as well as addition of equipment for cutting of pipes and profiles. Solid-state fiber lasers have paved the way towards installation of multi-functional CNC cutting centers similar to those already widely used in the plasma field.

Over the last decade MicroStep gradually developed its fiber laser product line as a modular design that allows creation of customized systems, reaching from simple machines to complex cutting centers with different work area sizes a possibilities of material flow automation. The aim is to deliver machines that meet particular production requirements of a variety of end users. Equipped with state-of-the-art laser sources and cutting heads, efficient fume extraction and safety cabins that prevent exposure to laser radiation, these machines are delivered as turnkey solutions with a variety of functions.

The compact basic version – MSF Compact – is delivered in three standard sizes with work areas of 1 x 2 m, 1.25 x 2.5 m and 1.5 x 3 m. Designed as a plug-and-play solution for smaller workshops, MSF Compact machines are equipped with laser sources up to 4kW and a single cutting grate that is pulled out to the front of the cabin for convenient loading of workpieces and unloading of cut parts – with a maximum load of material up to thickness 15 mm. The compact design allows easy transport and quick set-up that makes the machine an ideal solution for accurate and reliable 2D cutting of parts with fine contours and detailed cut-outs.

The standard version – MicroStep´s high-precision all-rounder MSF – can be delivered in various sizes from 3 x 1.5 m to 12 x 3 m. It is equipped with an automatic shuttle table with two cutting grates that enable simultaneous operations of cutting and loading/unloading. Waste collection and disposal is facilitated by a belt conveyor and a waste container integrated in the cutting table. The machines are equipped by default with automatic lubrication system that shortens and simplifies their maintenance process.

MSF machines can have cutting heads for straight or bevel cutting, with a maximum bevel angle 45°. Control of cutting height is in both cases provided by a capacitive sensor inside the cutting head that automatically measures the distance between the cutting tool and cut material. For proper function of the measuring system, it is necessary to keep the cutting nozzle undamaged and clean: for this purpose, a combined LU3K station is integrated in the beginning of cutting table. Besides optical check of the nozzle status by a built-in camera, the station also automates the processes of nozzle cleaning and calibration of the capacitive height sensor. Additionally,  for bevel cutting heads the calibration is carried out automatically for the whole range of tilt angles.

Same like for other beveling technologies from MicroStep, also the laser bevel head comes with the industry-leading auto-calibration system ACTG, ensuring that potential mechanical inaccuracies which may occur in the mechanical setup of bevel head during long-term use will be accurately compensated by counter-movements of the machine. ACTG greatly contributes to the long-term stability and efficiency of bevel cutting process.

Optionally, MSF machines can be enhanced with supplementary zones for cutting of round tubes and hollow profiles of different cross-sections. There are several options: pipes up to Ø 200 mm, Ø 300 mm (in special cases even up to Ø 500 mm) and hollow sections with the same values as circumscribing circles respectively. Pipe cutting zone of MSF is placed inside the cabin along the X axis while material handling is conveniently ensured by a sliding side panel of the safety cabin.

In addition to pipe cutting with manual loading, MSF can be also equipped with a fully automatic pipe cutting system that allows cutting of pipes and hollow profiles up to Ø 200 mm, with a transversal loading conveyor on the input, automatic feeding of the pipes into the cutting area by a moveable chuck, and a transversal output conveyor for small parts as well as a collecting tray for bigger parts on the output. The pipe cutting function is offered as well as a standalone pipe cutting machine MSF Pipe, both in manual and automatic configurations.

For large-scale cutting tasks MicroStep recently launched the flagship series MSF Max that can be delivered up to an overall table dimension 50 x 6 m. This powerful machine is with fixed cutting table and a moveable cabin that covers the active cutting zone. Cutting of part up to a length of 20 m is possible. This machine allows for one or two beveling tool stations, drilling tool station with automatic tool exchange (up to Ø 30 mm).

The modular design of MSF product line provides a wide range of configuration options. Customers get the possibility to configure their laser system exactly according to their needs and to integrate it most effectively into their production workflow. Thanks to the modularity, various levels of automation of material flow are possible – an automatic loading system for sheet metal MSLoad, a storage tower or an automatic cut part sorting system MSSort being the valued options.

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