MSBend-R series press brakes are designed for simple use, strong performance and precision. They offer high bend accuracy and a repeatability at least five-fold higher than conventional press brakes. Machine is standardly equipped with Delem CNC touch screen control unit and CNC controlled back gauge that automatically adjusts the X (depth) and R (manual) axes to ensure that material is always positioned accurately, resulting in higher quality finished parts. MSBend-R series press brake daylight, stroke & throat depth designs are specially for deep bends & long tools.

Standard Machine Features:

Delem Touch Screen Control Unit
X Axis Servo Motorized Back Gauge
Mechanical Crowning System
ST44 Rigid Mono Block Steel Frame
European Style Top Tool and Bottom Tooling
Control Unit Arm Moveable Up and Down
Safety Barrier (CE compliant)

Optional Machine Features:

Automatic CNC Table Crowning on Botton Table
X,R Axis Servo Motorized Back Gauge System
Motorized Central Lubrication

Technical Parameters:

Bending force 40 - 300 tons
Bending length 1250 - 4100 mm
Distance between columns 1070 - 3550 mm
Stroke 210 - 320 mm
Daylight 455 - 635 mm
Throat depth 410 - 500 mm (O Frame)
Y rapid speed 110 - 160 mm/sec
X Axis speed 800 mm/sec
Motor power 4 - 22 kW
Oil tank capacity 80 - 280 liters
Lenght 3876 mm
Width 1610 - 1850 mm
Height 2250 - 3200 mm
Weight 3500 - 18200 kg

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