The elbow cutting machine is designed for various elbow based applications incl. trimming, elbow and pipe intersections, welding seam preparation and marking of elbow in a diameter range of Ø 80 mm to Ø 400 mm. It provides high-quality cutting with high-definition plasma as well as with standard air plasma sources. It meets comprehensive safety and environmental standards and offers the excellent exhausting efficiency of a noise reducing safety cabin with integrated fume extraction, designed to meet the standards of high-speed plasma cutting. 

Technical parameters

Range of elbowsDN 80 (da = 88.9 mm), DN 100, DN 125,
DN 150, DN 200, DN 250, DN 300, DN 350,
DN 400 (da = 406.4 mm)
Range of wall thicknesses2 - 12 mm
Aplicable standardsDIN 2605, DIN 86090
Elbow typesType 2 → r = 1.0 x da
Type 3 → r = 1.5 x da
Max weight of elbow90 kg
Please note: The table above shows typical parameters. If you have different requirements, please contact us. All our solutions are tailor-made to customers' needs.

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