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Deburring is a process where an unwanted piece of material (raised edge or small pieces of material remaining attached to a workpiece after a modification process) is removed with a deburring tool. Today there is more to creating the perfect edge than deburring. Machines are custom configured to meet specific needs based on the following processes:
• Deburring - Fast and cost efficient remove of the burr after plasma, oxyfuel or laser cutting. For this task the is most suitable flexible deburring drum with unique open abrasive technology.

• Edge breaking - Break the sharp edges them with long life steel wire brushes.

• Edge rounding - Lamella brushes let you achieve a radius on metal sheet edges. By choosing the rotation unit it is possible to achieve a radius of up to 2 mm and uniform result
on every edge.

• Both sides processing - Double sided cross brush unit makes possible to process 
all elements both sides at one time.

• Oxide layer removal - Quite often problem after laser cutting is the oxide layer. 
This is a big problem for painted metal elements. Special spring wire brushes can 
remove up to 25 mm of oxide layer.

• Graining - To achieve a graining on the surface of stainless steel elements the wide 
belt is the unit to use. Using of various abrasive grits allows to fulfill all requirements.

Our partners for deburring:

ARKU                  www.arku.com/en/
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