Lower costs and faster production for a Spanish contract cutting company

Industrias Trimar SL is known in Spain for its wide range of services and its modern machine park. In order to serve the constantly growing customer requirements, the contract cutting company invested in the latest plasma technology. Main purpose of this investment was to produce more flexibly and reliably, save time-consuming manual rework and reduce costs and delivery times. Industrias Trimar SL found what they were looking for in the MG series cutting system for 3D processing of flat material with several processing options from MicroStep.
The industrial city of Porriño is located in northwestern Spain, within sight of the Atlantic Ocean on the border with Portugal, about an hour south of the pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compostela. Industrias Trimar SL, one of the most modern contract cutting companies in Spain is based here. The job shop has an extensive and flexible machine park, especially in the area of cutting. The range of cutting services includes plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, waterjet cutting and sawing. In the recent past, in order to meet the ever-increasing customer demand, both technical and human resources were expanded and a quality system implemented.

Automated bevel preparation brings many benefits to production, mainly the reduction of manual labor and the option to automate subsequent welding operations.

Flexible 3D plasma cutting system saves time-consuming rework

The Spanish company was looking for a flexible plasma cutting system that would primarily handle reliable and precise processing of bevels for weld preparation, which can bring many benefits to production: elimination of manual beveling, the option to automate welding operations thanks to the highly precise bevels, material savings and ultimately the reduction of costs and delivery times for customers. The management examined the technologies available on the market in great detail. In the end, they decided for MicroStep’s MG series. This multifunctional all-rounder represents the very best in accuracy and process reliability in multi-shift operations and was specially developed to meet industry requirements. The patented auto-calibration unit ACTG® from MicroStep makes permanent, exact repeatability of cutting tasks possible. In connection with its 5-axis plasma rotator, beveled edges of any shape - A, V, Y, X or K – can be cut precisely and quickly.

In addition to the MicroStep R5 plasma rotator for bevel cutting, a straight plasma tool station for 2D cutting tasks, an oxy-fuel torch for cutting thicker materials and a laser marker were added to the gantry cutting machine.

A true all-rounder

The steel processing center has access to a number of other technologies that have been combined in one machine. Their new MG 16501.35PrkPLmG enables 3D processing of flat material on a working area of 16 500 x 3 500 mm. In addition to the MicroStep R5 plasma rotator for bevel cutting, a straight plasma tool station for 2D cutting tasks was added to the gantry cutting system. An oxy-fuel torch is there to cut thicker materials and a laser marker is used to write texts, draw lines, bar codes or QR codes onto the cut parts.

This investment has allowed Industrias Trimar SL to continue to meet the demands of their customers and maintain their position as one of the most modern contract cutting companies in Spain. MicroStep, as always, is happy to have played a part in their continuing success.

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