The best fit for the truest edge

More than a century of hard work and experience has made Brighton Tru-Edge the largest cold-form tank head manufacturer in North America with a reputation for high-quality workmanship. Their signature Brighton Tru-Edge Heads get their name from their precision edges that are an important key to speeding tank assembly and welding. A stellar reputation such as theirs is hard to gain and harder yet to maintain. High-quality manufacturing equipment is a great help. Brighton Tru-Edge went looking for such to complement their machine pool and they found it at MicroStep.

Representatives of Brighton Tru-Edge and United Precision Services at MicroStep Development Centre in Bratislava, Slovakia

Upon consultation with MicroStep’s North American representatives at United Precision Services, the company decided on a DRM machine with two dome cutting positions with adjustable supports able to process up to Ø6.2 m domes. A rotator tool station able to tilt up to 120° will trim the edges, cut petal sections or whatever else is needed according to the dome parameters and Brighton’s customers’ requirements, by utilizing the integrated 440 A plasma source. A scanner on the plasma rotator aided by MicroStep’s advanced mScan software will make sure the unavoidable small differences between a model and a real manufactured dome won’t stand in the way of a perfect product.

At the end of February 2023, we had the honor to welcome the representatives from Brighton Tru-Edge led by the president of the company Mr. Adam Hock, for a factory acceptance test of their new machine. After a visit to the headquarters in Bratislava, the tank head specialists headed to our production facility for presentation of our newest dome cutting solutions, including CAMLive, a software that contains a model of the whole cutting machine and is thus able to calculate the best and fastest scanning paths. Together with a new generation of MicroStep machine controls, it is able to deliver a complete scan of e.g. a Ø3 m dome in swift 80 seconds.

The factory acceptance test showcased the machine’s capabilities in programming as well as cutting

Further, a personalized version of mCAM for Brighton includes customized reporting and also introduced a basic modeler that enables designing of domes directly in the program, eliminating the need for a separate CAD software in many situations. How it all comes together in practice was tested by cutting beveled samples from 10 and 15 mm plates and three different domes – one of mild steel, one stainless steel and even one made of aluminum, each with a specific shape.

We look forward to the delivery and commissioning of this machine which sets an example in modern dished ends processing. A solution that will make Brighton’s company motto and their promise to their customers, “The truest edge for the best fit,” easier and faster to fulfill than ever before.

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