Hi Tech & Industry 2019, Denmark

"HI Industri" at Messecenter Herning is Scandinavia’s largest industrial trade expo with focus on bringing the industry’s main players face to face. Exhibitors will make use of HI Industri to present their capabilities and new breakthroughs in the framework of seven integrated sub-expos: HI Woodtech, HI Automation, HI Electronics, HI Logistics, HI Innovation, HI Subsuppliers and HI Workplace. HI Industri also offers specialised conferences of a highly technical nature.

The HI Industri will take place on 3 days from Tuesday, 01. October to Thursday, 03. October 2019 in Herning.

Visit us at Hi Industri 2019 exhibition! Our partner MASKINGRUPPEN is looking forward to seeing you!


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