“We no longer need to outsource”

INNERGY is a multinational company specializing in eco-friendly energy solutions thinking not only about the needs of the customer, but also about the needs of our planet. Its portfolio contains biomass generation and cogeneration plants, boilers or systems for use of residual heat.
When Innergy was founded 50 years ago, the company has specialized in design and manufacture of thermal oil boilers. However over the time the world has changed and Innergy had to change with it. Today, its portfolio contains biomass generation and cogeneration plants, boilers or systems for use of residual heat. 

Today the company has three separate divisions (Innergy Heavy Industries, Innergy Electric and Innergy Engineering), three international headquarters (Spain, Chile and Japan) and has worked on more than 6500 projects on 5 continents. 

Bevel cutting of beams, pipes and plates with ProfileCut from MicroStep: Innergy Heavy Industries chose versatility and reliable service

Why did you decide for ProfileCut from MicroStep? 

“Acquisition of new equipment in Innergy follows strict rules since we need equipment which meets high quality standards characteristic for our company. We aim to continue providing our customers with state-of-the-art industrial boilers and other products and with this in mind, we decided for ProfileCut from MicroStep. During the selection process we didn’t only take the machine’s features into account. The important factor was also the good references MicroStep has on the (Spanish) market,” said Mr. David Moldes, Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer

ProfileCut is high-quality and precision HD plasma cutting machine with sheet cutting up to 50 mm, bevel cutting, tube and profile cutting and also built-in 3D scanner.

Innergy opted for ProfileCut from MicroStep with working area of 12 x 4.5 meters for cutting of flat metal sheets. The machine is equipped with a pipe positioner and supporting rollers for cutting of pipes with diameter up to 700 mm and profile cutting zone for cutting of H, U and L profiles up to 12 m long and width 600 mm. The pantograph rotator is capable of tilting up to +-90° which makes the profile cutting feasible. All this supported by the XPR 300 plasma source from Hypetherm.

Thanks to the plasma rotator "pantograph" with its tilting capability of ±90° (120° on one side), beams can be processed circumferentially. In addition, the plasma cutting machine enables the processing of pipes and sheet metal.

How has the machine helped your manufacturing process?

“Having the machine has helped us mainly in two areas. First of all, by reducing manufacturing times and at the same time by improving the quality of our heater products. In addition, thanks to the incorporation of the ProfileCut we no longer have to outsource the parts cutting which gives us both speed and self-sufficiency,” added Mr. Moldes.

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