MicroStep Spain Invites to BIEMH 2024 in Bilbao

Explore the Latest in Machinery and Automation at Europe’s Third Largest Trade Show.

Meet MicroStep Spain at BIEHM 2024 – the International Machine-Tool Exhibition, held in Bilbao (Spain) from June 3 to June 7. BIEMH is Europe´s third-largest trade show in its field, showcasing the latest advancements in machinery, tools, components, accessories, automation, metrology, quality control, and more.

MicroStep Spain is excited to present the extensive lineup of MicroStep cutting and automation solutions. With the ability to handle a variety of materials including pipes, sheets, domes, beams and also custom 3D shapes, MicroStep ranks among world´s most experienced suppliers of bevel cutting applications with different technologies – laser, plasma, oxyfuel, and waterjet. Furthermore, the machines offer extended multi-functionality – cutting technologies can be complemented with other operations such as scanning, marking, drilling, or milling. Come chat with our experts about your overall production layout, including cutting, sorting, bending, assembling, and intra-factory logistics.

Explore how our comprehensive software suite can optimize your production processes and contribute to business growth. Its capabilities include CyberFab® Control – a user-friendly control system, MicroStep's integrated 2D and 3D CAM software Asper and mCAM, and CyberFab® Manager, a comprehensive CAPP production management suite, empowering production planning and enhancing efficiency.

Mark your calendars for BIEMH 2024 in Bilbao, Spain, from June 3 to 7, and don't miss the chance to meet MicroStep Spain! Swing by booth C37 in Hall 5 to discover our latest innovations – we're excited to meet you!

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