Digital Factory 2.0 pavilion at MSV Brno 2023 attracts with 'Digital Stage'

MicroStep will showcase its digital platform CyberFab at the October International Engineering Fair in Brno (Czech Republic) backed by two on-air TV sessions.

Digital transformation has become an integral part of modern industry, and the engineering sector is no exception. Digitalization allows engineering companies to automate many processes, leading to a significant increase in efficiency and productivity. This theme will be a key focus at the upcoming International Engineering Fair, scheduled for October 10-13 in Brno, Czech Republic.

As part of the fair, the Digital Factory 2.0 project will be held for the fourth time, situated in Pavilion F. MicroStep, who is active in Central Europe since more than 3 decades, looks forward to be a part of this exciting initiative.

Digital Factory 2.0 offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the latest digital technologies and innovations in industrial automation. Dozens of companies will present a wide range of topics, from monitoring individual machines to complete management of production lines through MES systems. They will showcase logistics process optimization for manufacturing facilities and warehouses, as well as innovative solutions using machine vision and artificial intelligence to reduce workplace accidents and ensure the correct use of protective equipment. An intriguing spot for visitors will be a dedicated area focusing on the use of smart glasses and augmented reality in industrial digitalization. Visitors will have the chance to try out various brands and types of smart glasses, experiencing firsthand their potential in revolutionizing industrial production.

At MicroStep's reference booth 222 in Pavilion F, the main emphasis will be on presenting our activities in the field of automation and digitalization. We will demonstrate automation of production processes using our CAPP software package CyberFab Manager. The software is an integral part of the broader software ecosystem encompassing CNC control, CAM and CAPP applications, as well as digitalization solutions, all developed and supplied by MicroStep under the CyberFab brand.

Tune in to MicroStep sessions on 'Digital Stage' – Tuesday at 2:00 PM and Thursday at 3:20 PM

The acommpanying fair program promises attractive live sessions on 'Digital Stage,' divided into thematic blocks. On Tuesday, October 10th, discussions will revolve around industrial 3D printing, nanotechnologies, virtualization, and digital twins. Don't miss the interview with MicroStep's CEO and Director of Software Development, Eva Stejskalova, at 2:00 PM, who will delve into the topic of digital twins of manufacturing equipment and the capabilities of the CyberFab platform in the context of integrating machines into modern industrial production environments.

Wednesday's focus will shift to supporting innovations, financing, grant consultancy, and 5G networks. Thursday, October 12th, will explore new business models, data utilization, cybersecurity, digital innovation hubs, and Industry 4.0. At 3:20 PM, MicroStep's Marketing Director, Michal Kováč, will present effective management and monitoring options for manufacturing equipment within enterprises. The live broadcasts from DigiStage will be provided by, and viewers can follow them not only in person at the fair grounds but also via the fair's website and selected media partners. Stay tuned for updates on these streams and further details through our social media channels.

Pavilion F | Booth 222

Exhibited technology and software:

Laser bevel stand a dedicated stand showcasing MicroStep´s 5-axis fiber laser bevel head
MMI and digitalization interface Control Console with preview of MicroStep´s CNC control system
CyberFab Manager CAPP software package with interfaces for cutting machines and other work positions
Digital stage | Live broadcast:

10.10. (Tuesday) – 2:00 PM CyberFab – Digital Heart of MicroStep Production Systems
Guest: Eva Stejskalová | CEO, MicroStep
12.10. (Thursday) – 3:20 PM CyberFab Manager – Automated Production Management
Guest: Michal Kováč | Marketing, MicroStep
The International Engineering Fair promises to be an exciting platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements in digitalization and automation. We cordially invite you to our booth!

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