MicroStep offers an exceptional choice of CNC machines and technologies for processing of materials. Our cutting machines include full range of contemporary used cutting technologies – plasma, laser, oxyfuel, waterjet, 3D mill – and a great variety of additional equipment and software for drilling, marking, process syncing, workflow automation and enhanced production management.

As a producer of not only machine mechanics, but also the control system and CAM software, we deliver solutions that are perfectly fitted to the actual customer demands and are future-proof with respect to machine extensions in size and additional technologies.

Moreover, our machines can comfortably process several types of materials including plain metal sheets, pipes, profiles, domes and elbows, while implementing advanced processes such as bevel cutting, K-cuts, automated welding seam preparation, and thus reducing the number of operations necessary for manufacturing the product of our customer.

All of our machines are operated by iMSNC®, a multi-tasking PC-based control system developed and produced by MicroStep. Its intuitive user interface – almost identical for all machine types and technologies – enables the operator to flexibly adapt to the potential technology changes without time-consuming customization efforts.

There are many more features… Browse through our products and galleries and discover the variety of MicroStep product line!

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