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Complex cutting and drilling machine MG
16 tools clamping magazine for automatic change of tools - 1 - DRM machine16 tools clamping magazine for automatic change of tools - 2 - DRM machineAdditional beveling process (ABP) weld edge preparation on pre-cut partsAutomatic clamping of tool stations without Y motorsAutomatic plate edge detection for automatic alignment of plateAutomatic triple torch V, Y, K cutBrushing of chips after drilling - DRMCombined machine for pipes and plates at Tubus d.o.o. (Croatia)Complex cutting and drilling machine MGCutting machine with manipulator and transporter systemCutting of elbow with rotary positioner 1Cutting of elbow with rotary positioner 2Cutting of holes into a dome with straight plasma headCutting of openings into square profile with tilting tool stationCutting over the edge of square profileCutting square profile 40x40x3Division cut on stainless steel dome - DRMDome cutting up to Ø 7 m - CNC vs. manualDrilling - DS machineDrilling head with revolver tool magazineDRM mSCAN Dome scanning and cuttingDS-B: Automated Drilling MachineDS: Automated Plate Processing LineElbowCut scanning and cutting 1ElbowCut scanning and cutting 2Fiber laser dome cutting - MSFIHS with Ohmic contact in plasma torchMachine movements - DRMMarking of elbow with rotary positionerMasterCutMasterCut Compact - 3D tilting tool station (bevel)MG - Simultaneous cutting with 2 rotatorsMicroPunch PP1MSF - double gantry high speed plasma cuttingMSF - Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Tapping and CountersinkingMSF - Fiber Laser Cutting System with Automatic Pipe FeedingMSF cutting of 1mm aluminiumMSF Fiber laser bevel cutting - 3D tilting headMSF Fiber Laser cuttingMSF Fiber Laser cutting (4mm mild steel with 6kW)MSF profile cuttingOutput conveyor parts 1 - DS machineOutput conveyor parts 2 - DS machineOxyfuel Bevel Cutting - 3D Rotator - DRMOxyfuel piercing 150 mm - CombiCutPipeCut - 3D scanning of H profilePipeCut - H profile cuttingPlate drilling 1 - DRMPneumatical Z axis with plate rider - AirCutProfileCut Cutting SimulationRectangular profile cutting 180x100x8Robot production line waterjetRotary tool magazine - tool exchange and drilling - DRMRowoweld 1601.10S - RobotShuttle tableSimultaneous cutting with 2 waterjet rotators, foam material (1)Simultaneous cutting with 2 waterjet rotators, foam material (2)System for automatic calibration of tool geometry ACTGTable with loading platformTable with loading platform 2Table with loading platform 3Table with moving dustbinTilting rotary table for dome cutting 1 - trimTilting rotary table for dome cutting 2 - marking & cuttingVCM loading/unloading system for fiber laserWaterjet rotatorZMJ - Automated cutting line MicroStep